PDIP 9 - Stadium Protocol and BLVKHVND MOU with ParagonsDAO

Authored by DeFi Ted with help of Sirsu BLVKHVND


Stadium Protocol is currently being built and delivered to market by the team at BLVKHVND, aimed to be an open source tournament and league protocol that can manage teams and players across a number of gaming ecosystems.

BLVKHVND is the first major Esports group to form via a DAO and raise their initial capital from an Etherum crowdfunding sale. Recently won the Pokemon UNITE Worlds with their inaugural team in the comp.


ParagonsDAO is building a Player Management (Paragons Player Score) and Membership protocol that will help manage the NFT assets the DAO owns by using in-game player data from both Web 3 P2E games and Web 2 legacy esports gaming. This protocol will allow all players to access NFTs within the DAO for use in game with varying degrees of benefit and additional utility built in as players increase their Player Score.


Stadium Protocol is designed to allow players and teams to come together seamlessly to create guilds and factions within any gaming ecosystem. ParagonsDAO is a protocol owned liquidity DAO focused on gaming NFT assets and leveraging those assets with the right users to yield returns.

We feel strongly that a partnership whereby Stadium Protocol users would have direct access to the ParagonsDAO assets makes strong commercial sense.


Stadium is due for release in the near future for users to come and create their player and team NFTs and start to build their brands. The initial focus is with Web 2 legacy gaming such as CS-GO, Call Of Duty and many others with a view towards a Web3 integration ready for Parallel NFT.

Items of importance;

  • ParagonsDAO to deliver the Paragons Player Score and Membership protocol before launch of Parallel, ideally December 2022.
  • BLVKHVND to curate an initial pro league on Stadium sponsored and supported by ParagonsDAO
  • Media and content to be delivered in a shared capacity.
  • ParagonsDAO to provide initial PRIME allocation funding for League Pool
  • $50,000 Grant to BLVKHVND to assist in the development of Stadium in line with ParagonsDAO Player Management


Paragons Player Scoring and Membership

The PPS is an important feature of the membership within ParagonDAO with regards to the use of the assets held. The design is such that it remains on chain and will have the weight to determine a number of factors;

  • Rank within ParagonsDAO (level of achievements that unlock benefits)

  • Pools of assets for specific member ranks

  • Access to larger rake returns on game play

  • Time on Assets (determined factor by ongoing game play)

  • Access to tournament and league pools at different levels

  • $PDT returns pool from membership sinks at top tier ranking

ParagonsDAO Memberships will allow any NFT to be the PFP for the membership, providing an overlay tool to allow a user to display their Guild/Team and the ParagonsDAO branding. The NFT is non-transferable on mint with all benefits within the membership being earned from using ParagonsDAO assets.

Stadium to host first ParagonsDAO branded Pro League

Stadium Protocol and BLVKHVND to help design and deliver an inaugural Pro League for Parallel TCG. ParagonsDAO to provide pooled assets to support the Pro League along with additional incentives that are yet to be determined.

Considerations for League Development;

  • League Format (Round Robin or Season Points)
  • Reward Structure
  • Streaming format for viewership

Media and Content

Off the back of a successful launch of the inaugural Pro League, ParagonsDAO and BLVKHVND will look to formalise a media service that will broadcast live streams of all events within the League.

Considerations to be given to this and presented to the Treasury Council;

  • Streamers/Commentators
  • Production Team
  • Business development


The grant will assist the early involvement of the BLVKHVND team in the development and integration of the ParagonsDAO Scoring System, it is important for both parties that we take the time to work together closely to make this work.

The funds will be managed via a multisig with a 2 of 3 (1 BLVKHVND 2 ParagonsDAO) with all use of funds to be approved by the CCC.

Treasury Council will have final say on funding.

Time to deliver is expected December 2022.

Action Items

  • 4 weeks from approval to provide detailed roadmap for potential future partnership
  • Financials considerations to be in place (token swap, allocations and remunerations)


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I love this IP, Ted. Belying a lot of hard (net)working in the background. Nicely done, ser. Their demo looks pretty basic so they definitely need the monies to get that whiz going, but if anyone knows what is required I would guess they champiooons do. Let’s go!


How about we fast forward to when this is voted in :rofl:

Love it.


So keen for this. LFG!