PDIP 17 - PDIP 17 - Request for funding - Game Cove LLC

Authored by - Executive Council (DeFi Ted, Rhagga, JCREW, Milamber, Flapjackson, Tea)


ParagonsDAO has engaged the services of Game Cove LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, specifically for the tasks of developing and building out the tools and the infrastructure related to “Priming.xyz”, the Player Management System, and other technical maintenance and design tasks on behalf of the DAO.

Following the recent formation of the ParagonsDAO Foundation and legal counsel, this proposal seeks to engage Game Cove LLC as the legal entity that employs contributors who complete development and design work on behalf of the DAO tools/protocols, allowing several former ParagonsDAO contributors to be contracted through this entity instead.


Game Cove LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company set up to facilitate Research and Development in web3 and gaming software, infrastructure and products. Game Cove LLC is a new entity currently composed of the development and design contributors that have been building “Priming.xyz”, the Player Management System, maintaining the website, and completing UX/UI/graphic design for the DAO, and will be tasked with continuing this work.


Game Cove LLC is seeking a runway to take over continued development and design work from DAO contributors, through a formal legal entity. Game Cove LLC will take on the development responsibilities with regards to current community projects while retained for future development needs. This includes, but is not limited to, delivering requirements outlined in the Echelon Foundation grant proposal for Priming that was awarded to the ParagonsDAO Foundation.


Game Cove LLC is seeking USD $600K in funding to cover salaries/contracts, potential incentives, and business administration costs for Game Cove LLC through June 2024, and does not position Game Cove LLC to earn profits on works completed.

Game Cove LLC will be tasked with ongoing design, development, completion, and maintenance of i) “Priming.xyz” and the outlined requirements as per the Echelon proposal awarded to the ParagonsDAO Foundation, ii) the Player Management System product(s), iii) ParagonsDAO’s existing website and solutions, iv) ParagonsDAO’s graphic design needs.

The current funding needs have been estimated at $275K for “Priming” and $195K for V1 of the “Player Management System”. Each scope of work, defined below, is at an estimated time of 8 to 12 weeks for delivery, though funding is requested through June 2024 to capture features not defined below. An additional 130K USD cost for retention and maintenance on ParagonsDAO.com and ongoing brand, graphic, UX/UI design work is included in the request and will fund this until June 2024.

Game Cove LLC will be retained to maintain and update all ParagonsDAO’s built deployments as per the instructions of the ParagonsDAO Foundation.

Initial scope of work:



Broad, market-wide solutions for token tracking or asset management cannot sufficiently offer the intricate modelling required for GameFi projects. Priming fills this niche by exclusively focusing on vetted, premier titles at a deep and detailed level. This allows our platform to adjust and pivot to ecosystem nuances without concern of being overly customised, or not agnostic enough. The bottom line is that Web3 games will be complex, and most gamers will need help–Priming offers that in a seamless and approachable package.

● Valuation & Profit and Loss: Don’t be blindsided by big numbers, know how your incremental purchases have contributed to your deck’s value over time. And better yet, understand how those decisions have impacted your portfolio, whether they span multiple games or are denominated in a specific token.

● Asset Browser: Browse your assets regardless of if they’re cached, distributed across multiple wallets, or even loans to other guild-mates. Priming knows where all of your assets are at all times, as well as how much you’re earning in PRIME rewards.

● Optimization Strategies: Not only do we track where you’ve put your assets, we can provide insights to assist in optimization of where to place them next. Whether it’s advice on caching, trading, or gameplay strategies, Priming is your guide to performing better and earning more.

Estimated Delivery of Initial Version: Alpha Version Feb 2024


Not every gamer is an analyst, nor should they strive to be. In order to appeal to the masses, meta content and gaming analyses should be made approachable. We want to ensure that users can share, collaborate, and broadcast their findings to the right intersections of the current (and prospective) community. Our tooling will enable such sharing, and create a reward distribution mechanism designed for those who create the most compelling content.

● Content Management System: Publish and manage both short and long-form articles to frame various analyses and guide users towards specific strategies, meta-analyses, or participation in downstream services like buying, selling, or borrowing.

● Community: Connect with friends or newfound community members to facilitate collaborative experiences–whether trading, producing content, or even creating shared guilds and services.

● Embeddables: Take any analysis you’ve put together within the Explorer and drop it into our Content Management System (“CMS”). We provide options on whether to keep the data live or remain static, to ensure you can tailor the insights to match your narrative. (Alpha Version needs further design and build requirements and will form part of the next scope of works)

Estimated Delivery of Initial Version: Alpha Version April 2024

Post Delivery

Game Cove LLC will work directly with the Paragons Council, Treasury Council and maintain a working relationship with the community on requirements for future builds with a future roadmap to be planned and delivered for review no later than the end of March 2024. The final roadmap will be determined and provided to Game Cove LLC pending the review and approval process of the ParagonsDAO Foundation.

Player Management System

Guildr and The Forge

Significant design, development, and testing has already occurred related to Guildr (working title of a productized player management system offering) and The Forge (working title of ParagonsDAO’s own implementation of the Guildr system for the “Paragons Alliance’’ guild). This work provides a strong go-forward foundation for Game Cove LLC to continue the work in multiple stages:

Extending Echelon’s v1 “Bonds” to support Parallel

The immediate priority is leveraging all relevant elements of our player management system designs, and appropriately applying them on top of v1 of Echelon’s Bonds infrastructure to extend its capabilities, and optimise card lending within the Paragons Alliance guild.

To start, the system will be applied to ParagonsDAO’s own guild/bond (via The Forge) before offering to other guild/bonds (via Guildr).

Scope includes:

  • A set of smart contracts that includes:
    • Creation of a guild ID NFT with upgradable SVG
    • Levelling system with improved experience/opportunities based on players’ performance
    • Distribution solution for fees received from game play
  • A player reputation/credit algorithm that enables the levelling system
  • Automation, where possible, to optimise card sharing and administration
  • Dashboard for users to track their progress, access additional benefits
  • Implementation for Paragons Alliance guild (i.e., The Forge)
  • Solution for lending cards to partner guilds (in advance of offering them “Guildr”)

Estimated Delivery of Initial Version: Alpha Version April to May 2024 (Pending release date of Echelon’s bond system)

Post Delivery

Future versions of the Player Management System will be dictated by future developments of Parallel and Echelon and the advice of the Paragons Council. We foresee this including iterative new features, offering the solution to other Echelon Bonds, and opening the solution to other games.

Game Cove LLC will be retained for further development post delivery of the initial slated solution.

Game Cove LLC will work directly with the Paragons Council, Treasury Council and the ParagonsDAO community and will update with the progress of Parallel and Echelon. The final roadmap will be determined and provided to Game Cove LLC pending the ParagonsDAO Foundation’s review and approval.

Estimated Update of Future Version: As at close of June 2024

Delivery in scope of community needs and expected outcomes.

Expectation during the build until delivery is that Game Cove LLC will communicate and engage with the token holders and general ParagonsDAO community to seek feedback, review suggestions and communicate at critical stages of the development. These can be performed in a number of ways including and not limited to;

  • Community Calls
  • Developer Notes
  • Discord channel in ParagonsDAO
  • Testing groups


The current team at Game Cove LLC is made up of the following core individual developers that have been contributing to the previously defined scope:

Tea - CTO

RarityCapital - Project Management Lead (Priming)

FlapJackson - Project Manager (Player Management Infrastructure)

Felix Chen - Engineering Lead (Smart Contracts and Infrastructure)

Decoy - Backend Infrastructure Lead Developer

Shini- Frontend Developer

Momo - Frontend Developer

Simon - Fullstack Developer

VA - Designer

There are currently three open positions:

  • Frontend Developer
  • Fullstack Developer
  • Design Lead

Depending on ongoing needs and scope, the team will scale up or down.


The ParagonsDAO Foundation allows the Councils to formally engage with third parties for specific software development needs at the request of the community via Council votes on grant proposals.

Currently, ParagonsDAO provides funding to Core Contributors through the DAO’s remuneration structure as individual contractors. As ParagonsDAO, the ParagonsDAO Foundation, and the scope of work grow and scale, this proposed structure allows these contributors to contribute to new features through a formal legal entity that can be contracted by the ParagonsDAO Foundation.


Brilliant PDIP and well laid out.

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Game Cove LLC is seeking USD $600K in funding to cover salaries/contracts, potential incentives, and business administration costs for Game Cove LLC through June 2024, and does not position Game Cove LLC to earn profits on works completed.

Are we only funding these 9–12 heads for 6 months? With respect, even double — $1.2M US Doll Hairs — seems a little short on the runway for a dozen doods giving their all for a year. How else will they be funded for their endeavors? These products will generate revenue. Will there be some split?

There is no split of revenues in this proposal, or future from Game Cove LLC for ParagonsDAO related grants.
The costs are the bare minimum costs for delivery on the scope of work and maintenance for the next 6 months, we expect the revaluate that at the end of the period for new scopes of work from the DAO and ongoing upgrades to existing infrastructure.

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If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, can we give them more than bare minimum so they can at least eat brand-name ramen?