Generate more views and activity

Hi there,
after being on the sidelines for ages I thought it might be about time to give some feedback from my point of view.
I really highly value everything you do and all the content you create. But most of the things stay unseen by most of the people.
It would be amazing if more people would know about $PDT, about Paragons DAO and the tourneys.

  1. use more hashtags in your postings - always use like #ParagonsDao #DAO #PDT $PDT #Parallel #TCG #tournament #gaming etc. whatever fits the post
  2. the videos are high quality but they also need more exposure.
    Let Quinto repost all of them with hashtags
    Quinto should talk about the youtube channel more and highlight it every stream.
    He sometimes does giveaways - maybe as entry he should tell people to visit the youtube channel
    @ different big Parallel players in the postings to create more views
  3. tournaments - once you hit 124 entries on a regular basis, collect some entry fees - must not be much, maybe only a few $PDT - could be as low as 5$ - but that would generate more demand for the token and might help with bigger price pools - which in the end would attract more players.
  4. Zealy - i love the Zealy - I don´t know of many ppl really followed your youtube or your medium etc. as you only had to wait a few sec before they could claim. maybe double check these things with requiring their usernames.
    I hope you like some of the ideas :wink:
    Wolfy //

Hey @Wolfy, appreciate the feedback!

We are working on all of this, and I personally think we will make the largest splash once we have some products to deliver to our dedicated community (like yourself <3).

One thing we can do immediately is indeed use more hashtags, will keep that in mind. Thank you