Staking Referrals // Ambas // Zealy and open media

Hey ParagonsDAO,

Some of my proposals:

1. Referral system for staking:
Any guild leader or content creator would be happy to talk about your staking system and could invite many more people if your staking system had a referral system that gave, for example, 3%-5% of the stake from the person they invited. This would be a good motivation for long-term cooperation and audience expansion. Of course, it is necessary to calculate the numbers carefully to make it profitable for you, but even 1% is better than nothing. You could also consider a multiplier increase system where if someone invited 10 people who staked at least 1000 tokens, their multiplier increase would grow. I don’t think it would be technically difficult to implement, and it would be a cool motivation to stake and invite your community to grow with you.

2. Ambassador system (I hate this name, but nah):
As far as I know, you already have something similar, but it is not as developed as I see it. You have good budgets, but a very weak level of content distribution. That is why you need quality shillers and content creators, and an ambassador program would be perfect for this. You select people, give them all novice roles and give them tasks like making a video, conducting an AMA, making a post, etc. It works like a squad of raiders who help each other. Right now, you have quests in Zealt and it could easily be enforced if we had so-called shillers.

It works like this:
There is a private channel on Discord where the guys post some news from other projects and we all jump into this news together. For example, some popular Twitter influencer asks for a new game or which token will go to the moon in 2024, and we take our gang and all write about ParagonsDao and the token.

Of course, active guys are needed for this, but you have good budgets, and believe me, after a couple of smart moves, content creators and influencers will start coming to you and will start promoting and generating content for all your partner games. It’s not about big money, and it’s a proven way.

I’ve done this myself and participated in it with others. - Ambas is first what you need If you are interested in growing your community.

3. Zealy:
You have a cool idea with Zealy, but I see that you are not fully utilizing its potential yet. I understand that this is probably your first attempt, and you are trying to support your guys more and not make it a massive public event. But if you need help with this, I can do it for free. You are making a cool product, and I really like it, but you seem to be shy about showing it to the mass user. You made something like a closed but at the same time open DAO, and you seem to be making some attempts to break into the media space, but at the same time, you want to remain in the shadows. Well, or it just seems that way to me.

Thank you for what you are doing and for taking the time to read this huge proposals, hah


Thanks for the time to submit this @phenomengg - truly some great feedback here and very actionable.

The referral system with the staking component maybe a little harder to implement but I think that we can look to do something similar with a separate pool allocated for growth incentives like this.

We have had an ambassador program in the past, but it was likely a little early into the build on all the games we had association with via the treasury. We are thinking of ways to reengage this but focused on pros, guilds, top players and content creators. There is definitely a desire to allow a group made up of these types to help guide and curate the things needed for growth across those sectors for us. Who best then those that are active.

Zealy is definitely our first attempt and we would love to hear more on how that can be expanded.

As for where we are, well we definitely don’t want to be in the shadows and we are starting to open up the tech. Problem has been we are building tools that work on top of other gaming tooling for guilds and players to lean on, which means without that infrastructure first we are unable to launch it. The good thing is I can confirm we are not far.

There is some valid points though and the team will definitely see what we can do with our comms to make sure we feel open from a product point of view, I appreciate that words though that we do feel open when it comes to contribution and access to the group, which is the culture we have been fostering since day one.

Look forward to your further contributions here as well.


Hey @phenomengg thank you for your suggestion. We really appreciate it and are currently working on fleshing out a version 2 of our Ambassador system.

Do you mind if I dm you on Discord to discuss it in more details?