PDIP 16 - Incentive to compete in Parallel Ranked Leaderboard and ParagonsDAO tournaments

PDIP 16 - Incentive to compete in Parallel Ranked Leaderboard and ParagonsDAO tournaments

  • Author: Eclipse


Parallel TCG features a Ranked Leaderboard mode, the primary mode for day-to-day gameplay. However, players currently lack direct incentives to strive for top placements. At the end of each season, there are no additional rewards based on their standings. The PDIP aims to address this issue by creating a competitive environment within the leaderboard, offering incentives for players to actively compete for higher ranks.


Players will get points at the end of each month-long ranked season based on their leaderboard position and for placing high in weekly ParagonsDAO tournaments. These points from two consecutive seasons and tournament play will be added together to create a separate leaderboard. The top 16 players on this combined leaderboard will be invited to compete in the major tournament.


This proposal introduces a point system based on the standings of both the leaderboard and ParagonsDAO tournaments across two seasons. This initiative aims to boost player involvement, retention, and community engagement within Parallel TCG.


Each season commences on the first of every month. Throughout the season, players compete to earn points based on their final standings in the leaderboard. Additionally, players can accumulate points by achieving high placements in the weekly tournaments hosted by ParagonsDAO.

Points structure for the ranked leaderboard standings:


Points structure for tournament standings:


The points from both sources are combined to form a distinct leaderboard. This process requires manual tracking and updates - weekly for tournaments and monthly for the overall leaderboard. Once two consecutive seasons conclude, the points leaderboard is finalized, and the top 16 players receive invitations to the major tournament. Funding and format of the major tournament are flexible and TBD.


The proposed initiative seeks to provide an additional layer for players to engage with ParagonsDAO assets and products, offering motivation beyond the standard gameplay. While the weekly tournaments present a great competitive opportunity, their limited availability within a specific timeframe restricts participation flexibility. Therefore, this dual-point accumulation system allows for consistent engagement throughout the month, offering players more flexibility in their competitive pursuits. Ultimately, the integration of this initiative aligns with the community’s desire for sustained engagement, fostering a more dynamic and active gaming environment within Parallel TCG.

One objection could be the necessity for a snapshot of the final leaderboard standings at the end of each month, considering that they can change up to the last second.

Test Cases

This model simplifies an existing esports system, which has been used in Hearthstone up to the present day.


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I think this is a great idea, few things to consider in my opinion for it to get some traction;

  • How to we retain the full leaderboard at the end of the season? Where is this data from? Can we obtain MMR from Parallel with the new API? If so then there is possibly a way for us to implement this as a fully automated solution.

Funding of this would need to be considered from the Treasury and I would suggest PDT. Its a good starting discussion for a longer format for competition and we have some time before the game launches publicly.

I am for exploring as an option

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Thanks Ted. Yeah, that is the area to explore. I would love to automate it as well. I am not aware of how accessible the API is to extract such data from the game, but MMR/ELO is pretty much open for everyone in the public leaderboard. I think it should not be a problem to get API access for our needs, considering those stats were public and stored in the player log a couple of weeks ago on your local machine every time you refreshed a leaderboard in the game.

We certainly want to have a PDAO leaderboard, this is a great start for this discussion. I love that you want to integrate the weekly tournaments into it.

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I asked the team to get API access for the Ranked leaderboard, waiting for a reply. Additionally, Kangaroo has created a Discord bot to display the points leaderboard. Currently, we’re in the process of determining the best structure for assigning points.