PCCP 1 for PDIP 1 and PDIP 2


At current the epoch period for Council Elections is 3 months, this PCCP aims to extend the epoch periods to 6 months based of feedback from both the core team and the general community of voters.


The core team have an ongoing automation and efficiency project aligned to the governance and election process. Right now the process is still very manual to arrange and hold council elections, obtaining nominees and finalizing the on chain requirements. In extending the epoch we aim to also build and integrate a fully automated process for elections.


Vote to extend Epoch length to 6 months starting during current Epoch under current configurable changes outlined in PDIP 1 and PDIP 2.

New vote to be held in line with yearly end of contracts in November with elected nominees taking their role from 1st of December.

Automation project to be fully scoped prior to next election for review.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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With epochs becoming longer, there should be an option to replace inactive CMs.

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