Introducing: Paragons Team League!

Paragons Team League - Concept and Organization

Objective of the Tournament:
Paragons Team League is an online tournament in Parallel, designed to bring together the best web3 collectives. The goal is to provide teams with an opportunity to showcase their skills and competitive spirit while contributing to the development and popularization of Parallel, ParagonsDAO community and its products. The tournament is open to both well-known strong teams and newly formed squads of ambitious players.

Tournament Rules:

Each team consists of three players.

The game format is conquest (can’t repeat Parallel) with a ban on one parallel chosen by each team captain.

Each player winning their match earns one point for their team. The first team to reach 2 points wins the face-off.

The tournament is divided into two stages: group stage and playoffs.

Group Stage:
    8 teams are divided into 2 groups of 4 teams each.
    Each team plays 3 games (one with each group member).
    The top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.

    4 teams play in a Single Elimination format: Semifinals, third-place match and the Final.

Prize Pool:
At the organizers’ discretion. Prizes are awarded to teams advancing from the group stage.

Streaming and Schedule:

Streams are conducted twice a week. The first game day features 2 duels in the first group, and the second game day includes 2 duels in the second group.
A total of 3 weeks for group stage games, with the 4th week dedicated to playoff matches.
The overall duration of the league is 1 month.

Partnership and Sponsorship:

Consider partnerships with teams and web3 projects to increase the prize pool.
Provide sponsors with opportunities for product promotion during Twitch broadcasts.

Communication and Feedback:

Use Discord ParagonsDAO for feedback from participants and viewers.
Allow viewers to vote for teams they'd like to see in the tournament.

Thematic Elements:

Creation of unique thematic elements, including the Paragons Team League logo.
Launch of the official hashtag #ParagonsLeague for active use on social media.

In Conclusion:
Paragons Team League aims to be a thrilling showcase of competitive prowess and teamwork, fostering growth within the Parallel and ParagonsDAO community!


I love this and I know that @Rhagga and @Drak are working on a format that is similar to this as well.

League imo is the best way to make use of the consistent format we have at the moment.


Hey Tony! First of all thanks for the thoughtful work you have put into this. As Ted mentioned we have already some ideas for different tournament formats coming soon!

But the idea of a team tournament is kind of a novelty and I would like to study it more in depth for the future for sure. Since Parallel is a solo game having team tournaments can bring some teamwork into the mix.


I have experience participating in international tournaments (Hearthstone), where we represented our country as a team. It was a very exciting experience for both players and spectators. Naturally, organizing team competitions is slightly more complex than organizing individual ones.

Hey @NTLZ! Thanks for sharing your idea and detailed format on how to host a league, it sounds exciting to make tournaments where you need to perform as a team. We will definitely give it a thought!

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