Improving the organization of the tournaments

I would like to summarize the experience of my community’s participation in tournaments and leave a proposal for improving the organization of the tournaments.

It is necessary to increase the broadcast delay by more than 10 minutes.
You cannot voice information about a player’s deck on stream in the presence of an opponent.
Need to use obs ninja stream for both players.

Also specify the tournament conditions:
The player is responsible for maintaining the Internet connection.
Disconnections/technical issues will be resolved by players, proof required.
The winner’s choice: have a rematch or just get the winning score.
If there is a rematch, everything should remain the same. (decks, Paragonss, etc.)
Failure to comply with these conditions gives an advantage to one of the players and directly affects the result of the tournament


Great feedback @s_young - the team have definitely taken this onboard.

Agree that the broadcast could be delayed further. 10 minutes would be sufficient imo as well.

The condition suggestions are great and believe @Jcrew and @Drak have looked into that as well. Feel free to add anything further as we go as well.


Hello sir.

First of all thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback to us. We are always improving and learning and feedback from the community always helps!

About the production, the broadcast delay of 10 minutes has been discussed by multiple pro players and everyone agreed that 10 minutes is long enough to not provide an edge for any side. So far we have not had any complaints about it.

What I believe your feedback is suggesting is that in the last tournament, we had a singular incident where one player was able to hear the narration for a short time, but this was by accident. One of the reasons this happened is that right now Parallel doesn’t have a espectator mode which makes it harder to stream both sides. But rest assured that we will take extra care for the next editions.

About disconnection issues, we already have a rule for that in our tournaments. But as the game is still in closed test and bugs are expected we usually treat disconnects cases case by case.


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