PDIP 4 - Paragons DAO Core Contributor Council; leadership without borders

Author - DeFi Ted


The Core Contributor Council is a group of individuals and teams that are tasked with the day to day operations of the DAO and managing of various tasks assigned and outlined by the Paragons Council and in line with budgeting requirements set out by the Paragons Treasury Council.


This PDIP introduces the Core Contributor Council which, if implemented, will be responsible for:

  • Managing the Core Contributor road-map and prioritizing protocol work

  • Processing Core Contributor candidates and determining their engagement

  • Managing Core Contributor incentive packages and compensations on a regular basis

  • Managing and processing the removal of core-contributors where necessary

  • Managing resourcing within the CC budget and negotiating with the Treasury Council for setting this budget

  • Negotiate partnerships with external protocols within the ecosystem


The Council is intended to be the link between coordination and chaos with a group of assigned leaders for each departmental process within the DAO. Leadership is a key learning from other governance setups that was missing, see Kain Warwick piece here.



Key Decision making responsibilities

  • Core Contributor engagement/disengagement
  • Core Contributor incentives packages
  • Core Contributor resources and priorities
  • Road-map control and vision management
  • Core Contributor Council funding, remuneration and transparency


Core Contributor engagement/disengagement

The onboarding process for all new core contributors will be a process of coordination between;

  • Core Contributors
  • Core Contributor Council members
  • Treasury Council

All processes for onboarding will be made transparent to the community and other DAOs, some information deemed sensitive or confidential can be omitted if the Council deems necessary.

Incentive Packages

The Council will be responsible for conducting quarterly reviews on the compensations and packages to continue a systematic alignment of incentives for Paragons and the Core Contributors.

During review periods the council will need to coordinate with the Treasury Council to ensure budget requirements are inline with overall performance and needs.

The council is to use this time to also apply costs necessary to optimal Core Contributor performance and enhanced autonomy.

Resources and Priorities

Core Contributors cover technical and non-technical skills, with the majority to the non-technical, so the Council will need a level of diversity in approach to both.

The Council will be a conduit between the Paragons Council and Core Contributors by conducting weekly meetings to discuss all approved and tentative PDIPs to continually refine the priority queue.

Depending on the importance and concentrated reliance on Core Contributors, KPI tokens can be used to incentivize certain areas of the development to ensure the set outcomes are met.

Core Contributors can also signal on discuss.paragonsdao.com to seek out consensus within the team as to where time and resources should be allocated.

Moderator and Community Work should be managed on a quarterly basis with a view to churn moderators with the discretion of the council.

Maintenance work for the day to day operations of the DAO should come from the Core Contributors, as work for defined PDIPs is not required, these resources become a valuable part of the DAOs operations.

Road-Map and Vision Management

For the long-term sustainability of Paragons DAO, the Core Contributor Council will be responsible for collecting and discussing ideas for the long-term vision of the ParagonsDAO. This means that the CCC will be responsible for interfacing with all the Paragons Governing Bodies and Stakeholders to help formulate a direction in which the DAO should aim to follow.

Funding, Remuneration and Transparency

The Core Contributor Council will be an incentivized role funded by the Treasury Council with all remuneration for the Council to be made public and transparent. The Core Contributors will keep individual amounts decided on for Core Contributors internal. Council payments are made public to give an indication of a benchmark of value for the roles and also help remove conflict if all contributor payments were to be shared.


The Core Contributor Council ratification has been formed from a variety of considerations

Voting System

The CCC members are voted in by the Core Contributors as they are the ones who are directly influenced by the decisions that are being made, they are the ones who have the most context regarding which individuals would suit the role at a particular time. This results in a positively reinforced feedback system between the Core Contributors and the CCC members.

Core Contributor Engagement

The Core Contributor Council is in the best position to understand which resources are lacking within the Core Contributors and the budget capacity while the existing Core Contributors themselves understand which candidates would be most suitable for the role they are applying for, this vouching system ensures that both parties are responsible for what they know best. This also applies for the disengagement of Core Contributors, since this Council will be regularly interfacing with the CC’s they will have the best understanding of performance.

Core Contributor Compensation

The CCC have full discretion over the budget provided by the Treasury Council so they are able to ensure that the Core Contributors incentives allocation is aligned with ParagonsDAO priorities defined by the Core Contributor Council and The Paragons Council.
(Remuneration of 5 CCC members is subject to TC approval)

Core Contributor Vision and Prioritization

Since the Paragons Council is voted on by the ParagonsDAO token holders meaning they are positioned to serve in the best interest of the token holders, there needs to be a mediator between the Paragons Council and the Core Contributors. By positioning the CCC as this mediator, the Paragons Council can have more transparency and discretion over the performance and prioritization of the Core Contributors ensuring they serve in the best interest of the token holders.

Technical Specification


  • Platform for voting on eligible candidates and record keeping on decision making
  • Platform for voicing opinions on prioritization (example: Canny.io)
  • Communication medium, such as a dedicated Discord channel or forum

Meta governance

The Core Contributor Council elections happen every epoch to be aligned with the other DAO bodies epoch length (currently set to 3 months) in a transparent manner.

The initial Core Contributor Council will be formed from the current organization chart put together prior to this proposal.

All proposals made by the Council will need a 4/5 approval.

  • InfoAddict - Technical
  • Obviously_Obvious - Non-Technical
  • JCrew - Community
  • Strawman - Community
  • DeFi Ted - Project Lead

Test Cases

Discretion in Budgeting

The Core Contributor Council has already received their Yearly allowance of PDT for spending. The CCC will need to set up regular quarterly meetings to review these needs.

The Core Contributor Council schedules a meeting with the Treasury Council in which they request more funding for partnerships and also ancillary cost. The Treasury Council obliges and schedules a transfer of funds to the Core Contributor Council multi-sig.

Roadmap & Priorities

There are 5 PDIPs in total sitting in the REVIEW and APPROVED categories in a particular week, when the CCC meet with the Paragons Council they decide that one of the particular approved PDIPs is important for the PDT Stakers and is time-sensitive. They decide on making this PDIP the highest priority and the CCC schedules this in.

Another discussion that comes up is that the Paragons Council has seen a REVIEW PDIP that potentially solves a large scale issue, they are not sure that this is actually possible and would like to see more evidence and research, they tell the CCC to appoint Kalos on this research task.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

  • The # of members on the Core Contributor Council


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