PDIP 8 - Ambassador Program


Task individuals with building and maintaining strong diplomatic and working relationships between ParagonsDAO and the relevant projects it is involved with.

Each project would have a corresponding subject matter expert that is active and knowledgeable in their respective areas, ideally being recruited from the corresponding project’s community. They would act as a liaison or relationship manager between the two entities. This group would be managed by the Core Contributor Council (CCC).


This PDIP introduces the Ambassador Group ( community manager + B2B manager), reporting to the P2E structure, which, if implemented, will be responsible for:
· Regularly engaging with relevant project communities and their leadership
· Building and maintaining strong ongoing relationships with projects associated with Paragons
· Keeping our internal councils/leadership informed with project information relevant to PDAO
· Meeting/corresponding with our various internal teams to relay information about projects (timelines, milestones, etc.)
· Ideally the elected/chosen incumbent would be already an established member of the project’s community, helping with the initiative’s credibility.


Paragons is currently engaged with many projects, and it is difficult to stay up to date and fully engaged with each one. It will be beneficial to maintain strong working relationships with each project and their leadership to better align our goals and ensure a healthy rapport.
Some benefits would include:

· Form stronger working relationships with project teams
· Reputation and credibility building with relevant communities
· Better alignment of PDAO and project goals
· Aid internal teams of PDAO with more filtered information for communications/marketing and community engagement
· Aid council members in making more informed decisions with in-house SMEs.

Remuneration (10 - 20 hours per week)

Monthly remuneration of 1000 USD-equivalent stablecoins + 5000 PDT.

Disclaimer: This number is subject to change as Paragons either engages/disengages with projects or workload is increased based on demand of corresponding project to be reviewed every epoch (3 months). Each project could be subject to different pay rates based on workload.

Applicants are expected to have:

. Proactive Attitude
. Strong Communication Skills
. Conflict management Experience
. Trust Building Skills
. Time Management
. Possess In-depth Knowledge of the Game Responsible for


. Understand the road map and timeline of the partner
. Be a liaison between the PDAO and partner, proactively outlining who needs what information
. Report on weekly basis to PDAO P2E manager
. Engage community in their game forums and our Discord
. Provide news for PDAO Newsletter
. Organize events and activities for PDAO and together with Partner
. Be a champion for the players, voicing their opinions to DAO and partners and giving visibility to the community.
. Scout for other partners


. Streamer experience
. Producer experience


gm all,

would like to put myself forward for becoming the ambassador for paragonsdao x arbo

i have good relationship with rufus (founder of arbo). I am active and up to date with the goings on re arbo. also launching my own guild (@arboguild) in anticipation for the game launch next year.


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where to apply for the role of ambassador?

Ready for it, pls contact me :
telegram - @demetro20

Wsupp! My name is Anton Kai and I am really interested in your project! I have a huge experience as a graphic designer (I can create graphic content) and also I have an experience in moderating nft-projects/ambassador experience, big experience in organization of events
I’m ready to work for the glory of DAO and contribute to the development of the community
To contact me:
Ig: kaiclothe
Twitter: @ranmmma
Discord: pottyroo#3397

Hello! My name is Dmitry, and I am very interested in your project! I want to become an ambassador of the project, I have been in cryptocurrency for a long time. I am constantly involved in testnets, I follow projects, I am the OG in many projects. I can do good memes, design, I can also moderate the community. Ready to devote to the community as much as 10-20 hours will be needed
To contact me:
Twitter: @ohdima1010
Discord: dimka#3400
gmail: ohdima1010@gmail.com

My name is Mikhail. I live in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg. I am a professional community manager and designer. I have a wide range of business, technical and communication skills which allowed me to manage complex crypto projects. I participate as a validator/moderator/ambassador in mainnet and testnet unique blockchains. Moderator&CM - 5+ projects. Ambassador - 15+ projects.

I can work as a designer. Create different banners for social networking posts, make infographics (to make it easier for the community to perceive information). Create video guides explaining some functions, write articles or do translations. I have a wide range of works.

My professional communication skills enable me to quickly resolve conflicts and keep up the conversation. As a community manager or moderator I am constantly communicating in the chat room, helping the community with any questions that arise, keeping a good atmosphere and activity. I process incoming tickets. Creating various fun/educational activities for community or events. Manage the bots on the server. Liaising with other projects to find relationships, organizing AMA.

I also have technical skills that allow me to help the community to find solutions to their technical problems. I can help with launching nodes or errors that occur

My social links: Michael Lukin | Twitter | Linktree

I appreciate the interest. Once the PDIP is approved we will explain the application process, best to keep an eye on our Discord!

Hello! My name is Nick, I am 23 years old. In the world of cryptocurrency since 2017 .
I study NFTs, Blockchain, DEFI and GameFI.
I actively participate and help in the life of projects working as an Ambassador.
I have a great experience and knowledge. Recently I lead a Telegram channel, where I teach newbies to earn in the world of cryptocurrencies and web3 , analyze and share projects.
I recently worked as an ambassador for many GameFI projects: ProjectHive, IguVerse, MADmetaverse, StarHeroes and Shatterpoint. Other projects I’ve been an ambassador for: MetaPax, SEI Network, Secret Network, LiveArtX, Teleport, Amulet, Zenex.
I do translations of documentation into Ukrainian, Russian and English, and write articles on Twitter and Medium. I create graphics and am fluent in PhotoShop. I review projects in TikTok, and soon I will make great reviews on You-Tube. I run a Telegram channel where I write articles about projects.
On the plus side, I used to work for AdmDAO (manager) which is a large CIS DAO with an audience of 1.5 million active users. Glad to be working with you and contribute as an enthusiast and Ambassador.

My social:
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @ceo_crypto_father
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NickRotenberg
Discord : Crypto Father#5645
My portfolio Ambassador program - Google Docs

I am interested to apply. I have been in crypto since 2015 and do beleve in paragonsdao. My telegram is @timothy901

hey! I’m Myroslav, Ukrainian Crypto-Enthusiast, Ambassador, Tester, and 3D Designer. I’ve already been in Cryptocurrency for approximately 2 years and I have extensive experience. I’ve participated in different Ambassador programs: Subsquid, MetaFinance, KLAP, Martian Aptos Wallet, Bazaar, Axelar, Sui, Aptos, Shardeum, Martian Wallet, Qual Network and Pontem. I am hardworking and goal-oriented, so I want to contribute to the development of the project

Hi, my name - Denis
Check my CV here: portfolio.pdf - Google Drive

Hello people! As promised, now that the voting has finished and the proposal went through, here is the link to the application form: https://forms.gle/yLZnAd7HY4LL7Dfn8

Maybe you can add this “any past experience in these type of programs or roles”.
We can also create a tiers like top 3, top 10, etc and reward accordingly.

How you supposed to monitor workload ?

Other than this it looks great man.

Why many users are applying here ? I think this was only for discussion for now.

I can create various content for social networks - which will increase the attractiveness of the project. Stickers, games, videos on various topics, ar content, corporate identity, educational and educational videos. Infographics on the project are also available, which everyone will understand. I have always made such content that differs from other projects due to an individual project promotion program. I love new challenges for myself. When I choose a project for members, it’s a challenge for me - in who is going to make the best project for the team and users, I am very careful about the distributed part of the project. I love the initial initiative from scratch and along with the growth of the duration of the whole time. I collaborate on wide projects, one of them is gucci
My social:
Telegram : Alexsa95
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexa_osmass
Discord : alexa_osmass#0075
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexa_osmass/

I’m Marichka. I’m from Ukraine. I want to become an ambassador of the project, in cryptocurrency since 2020. I constantly participate in testnets and follow projects. I can write articles well, as well as create infographics, host events and moderate the community.
My professional communication skills allow me to quickly maintain a conversation, supportive work and quickly resolve conflicts. I can manage bots on the server. And also in combination with other projects to conclude relationships, organize an AMA.

Ready to dedicate 18 hours a week to the community (exclusively Sundays off).

Portfolio: Portfolio - Prosperity Ml - Medium

Get into contact with me:
Twitter: @Po_Mary_
Discord: Pomary #9723
Mail: prosperityarb@protonmail.com

Hi , cool project with an interesting system. It would be very interesting to cooperate with you.
Here is my portfolio:

Hello my name is Aytegin I living in Sweden. I am polyglot. I know more than 6 languages. Russia Sweden English Kyrgistan Kazakh and little bit Spanish. I can communicate well and I can help people well. I am self working with partnership marketing. I am ambassador in shatterpoints.project hive. Minima.gladiatorshonor. I have TikTok with like 1800 subscribers. I am working much. I am online every day every minut. I hope I can be part of the team. Thx :pray:

My TikTok TikTok

My telegram Coffigral
My discord Aytegin#2963
My gmail subanbekovaytegin3@gmail.com

Hello! Marcus “Revenant” Tan here, GameFi Advisor to Promisphere and Val-Luna Guilds and deeply rooted in highly curated communities such as Avium and ARC, and actively networking every few weeks in private GameFi SG Web3 events that involve Animoca Ventures, YGGSEA, Bixin Ventures, etc;

Former professional gamer of over 12 years, with SG/SEA representation in Warcraft3(RTS), Starcraft2(RTS), Heroes of the Storm(MOBA), Overwatch(FPS) and Dota Underlords(Auto Chess).
Twitter: @Revenantwithin
Telegram: @Revenantwithin
Discord: Revenant#2390

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Hi! Really cool project! I am really loved with the goals and ideas. I am currenctly active ambassador of web3 game @StarHeroes and metaverse @YOMetaverse. I would like to contribute my efforts to your project.My contacts:
Twitter: @MahtumkuliH
Telegram: @turkmenchain1
Email: mahtum313@gmail.com