PDIP 8 - Ambassador Program

Hello, My name is AirBee Holiday and I am from Nigeria.
I am a Crypto enthusiast, DeFi expect with extensive experience in Blockchain for 3 years+. I have various skills ranging from Graphics designs, communication skills, Video Editing etc. I can create exclusive and eye catching graphics such as Infographics, memes, banners etc and I also specialize in anchoring and hosting offline and online events.

I have been on several prominent projects in the Crypto space they include, Fractal protocol, Ovix Protocol, Terablock, Comdex Protocol, Hydraverse, Hakuswap, Exeno, Pontem, Chain Pet etc.

I am passionate about DeFi and Web 3 and I believe in their goals of making the world an open-source and decentralised hub.

I will be delighted if I am accepted to work on this program.

Contact me;
Telegram: @Abasdollar1
Twitter: @AirBee16
Email: abazholiday@gmail.com

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I am a graduate of Mass Communication from Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State, Nigeria. I hold a Bsc.Ed certificate in Mass Communication. I love reading, writing, making memes, sport and Education. I entered the world of crypto 5 years ago and I began with steemit. I wrote original content and get rewarded when I get up votes on the post. I later moved on unto taking Ambassadorial jobs for crypto projects which has seen me work for different projects like Oropocket, Crewfire, FinNexus, DefiDollar, Rebaked, EpiKProtocol, BitDotCountry, Hosecoin, ExLocker, Rigelprotocol and lots more. For these projects I worked as community manager, content writer, meme, Infographics, video maker.

In my years in crypto, I have gained the following experience:

:white_check_mark:I am fluent in verbal and written English.

:white_check_mark: I have experience in content creation, such as: meme, Infographics, video, article, gif.

:white_check_mark: I also have experience in Testnet.

:white_check_mark:I am passionate about NFTs, DeFi Gaming, Web3, Metaverse.

:white_check_mark:I have experience in community building, managing, nurturing and retaining it.

:white_check_mark:I am familiar with Discord & Telegram platforms and able to use every tool.

:white_check_mark:I have experience in planning community events.

:white_check_mark:I also have great passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Previous experience as a community manager and social media manager and I also have an intimate knowledge of the Crypto & Gaming Space.

Link to my portfolio:

@EwuosoMayowa telegram
EwuosoMayowa#4634 discord

I am Ajunwa John Innocent by name. I am from Nigeria, currently based in Abuja (Federal capital of Nigeria). I am a content creator and I create positive content about blockchain projects and publish them on diverse social media platforms. I create content like; Article writing, Infographics, Banners, GiFs, Memes and Video Editing. If I am given the chance to be an Ambassador of ParagonsDAo, I would direct all my energy and effort towards building community and promoting ParagonsDAO in a way that will bring more investors to the project. With my experiences in blockchain and cryptocurrency, and with proven knowledge in relevant digital skills like broadcast media, online brand management, content creation and graphic design. I intend to bring this skills to work, promote and bring visibility to ParagonsDAO project.

I also want to use my knowledge in brand management to develop and work with a community whose aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of ParagonsDAO.

Twitter: @SacrosancCrypto
Telegram: @Jay_inspires36
Instagram: John Crypto (@john_crypto001) • Instagram photos and videos
Tiktok: TikTok


I am creative and solution-oriented crypto enthusiast, with over 4 Years of experience in the field of blockchain / Cryptocurrency and have contributed to over 10% growth in many crypto projects in terms of project growth marketing, Content creation, and community management. Projects I had my experience in include: Starsharks metaverse project, NFTrade crypto project, Titan Hunters crypto project, Cube Network, Cowpark metaverse projects, Robonomics, World of Defish, Nasdex Dex Exchange, and more. I have gained many skills which include: Digital Marketing, Social Media community management, copywriting, and content creation (like Graphic designs, infographics, and tactical and funny meme creation). Combining the experiences and skills gained over the years I will greatly contribute to the growth of the project by always providing valuable content of all kinds, going for the unconventional whether videos, articles, graphics design, mems, etc. This gives the project a step ahead by sharing unique but relevant content and always targeting the right audience to deliver the content.

(Link to my Resume Blockchain.pdf - Google Drive )

Hi. My name is Lawrence George a graduate of Chemical Engineering. I am a blockchain enthusiast who has been in the space for about 5 years which I’ve no doubt learnt so much from the space.

I have worked with a number of blockchain projects in the past.

I am enthusiastic about blockchain technology and it’s prospects. More especially in cases where it can be applied to create solutions to problems associated with financial freedom.

I am a versatile content creator. Proficient in writing, video creation and designing. I create engaging content for social media which aids publicity and community growth. I will like to be contribute positively to the ParagonDAO ecosystem by a part of ambassador program. Below is a google form that shows some of my previous work for your perusal.

My email: dlawgeorge037@gmail.com
Discord: Delaw#9920
Twitter: @Lawrenc51447848
Telegram: @Delaw12

hello, i will try my possible best to meet your requirements but we might have different time zones, i can do 10 hours per week easily, i have a nice sense of humour, you can put me through a test

My name is Daddyhumble, a crypto enthusiast and brand promoter with interetes in DAOs, NFTs, DeFi and GameFi.

My skills set include video making, graphic designs, translation, article writing, marketing, and growth hacking.

I have been in the blockchain space for two years plus, and have worked as an ambassador with a number of projects, including Animal Concerts, Project Hive, Capella Finance, Bluzelle, WEYU, etc.

I’m a good shiller with experience in Discord and Telegram communities moderation.

Email: charleskiine230@gmail.com
Twitter: @daddyhumble0
Telegram: @Daddy_Humble

My name is Sunday isaac

Have been in cryptocurrency and web3 for more than two years and have worked with alot of reputable crypto projects like;

Ambassador role
I worked as community Manager.
Ambassador role
Gamefi project;
I worked as content creator, design some creative infographics, memes and some nice graphics.
Was also among the first people that test the game for hitches and also gave detail review of the project.
Ambassador role
Ecosystem/investments platform;
I create designs,analytical and educative infographics,memes, videos, I also interprete article into french
Ambassador role
I worked as a content creator,wrote article, analytic design, memes, video production,translated article and


writing of article, translation of documents,creating of banners, infographics and memes.
Twitter marketing, twitter space, podcad.

marketing,memes, community manager, Twitter marketing.

My Skills are;
Graphic designer, Content creation,translation, video creation, infographics, community management, Twitter marketing, article writing

Telegram username:@suntex200

Twitter username;@sundayisaac2303

I am ready for cooperation on an ongoing basis and here is my portfolio of work experience and personal information

It is really a great privilege for me to apply to work for the Paragon Ambassador Program. I am very passionate about Blockchain and your ambassador program. I really want to be part of the community and be dedicated to growing with this great project.

I have worked for several crypto projects like Thinkium network, Creative Hereos, Hakuswap ambassador project and Unique Network. The various roles I play is creating contents and article writin, videos, infographics, memes/sticker packs and shill on my social media platforms like Twitter, medium, reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Following my fantastic experience with my previous ambassador jobs, I would apply more skills to your project and give value and customer awareness in long term.

Hi, my name is Alex, and I am interested in your project which have some flaws! I want to become an ambassador of the project, I have been in cryptocurrency for a 4 year. I can promote your project in eastern Europe, make good memes, design, translate etc. I can also moderate the community. I can work 20 hours a week
To contact me:
Twitter: @locst41
Discord: ek#0710
e-mail: sashasmolyak2013@mail.ru

I want to join your team. I am fluent in languages ​​(English, Russian, Polish), I create high-quality videos, infographics, articles and memes. I understand cryptocurrency for a long time, for more than 2 years. I treat my work with high quality and conscientiousness and I am always ready to cooperate!

Contact me:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1ltmgHwUmmiOYbUHZI6fg
e-mail: zombrix@mail.ru

Hi. My name is Danyil . I am from Ukraine. I am proffesional actor. Also i am content maker. And have a promotional experience. I was an Team Leader at the Goit Company and would like to work with you. I am responsible and cryptoenthusiastic. You can find me at telegram
or Contact me via sketch9148@gmail.com
Thank you for your attention! Looking forward to hearing from you !

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